MAGIX Music Cleaning Lab


A suite that enhances the sound quality of your audio files


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If you're digitizing your old collection of records and cassettes, MAGIX Music Cleaning Lab is the perfect tool for you. The program lets you noticeably improve the quality of the recordings made on LPs or cassette, eliminating noise and other sound imperfections.

MAGIX Music Cleaning Lab is composed of several different tools grouped together on the same interface. The ones that will likely interest you most, the restore tools, let you eliminate background noise, signal overmodulation, hissing in voice conversations, loud rustling, crackling, etc.

The number of effects that MAGIX Music Cleaning Lab lets you apply to recordings sums up to 30. And you don't have to be a rocket scientist to apply them, because the program has a help tool to guide you through the process of making any change.

With MAGIX Music Cleaning Lab, you control every aspect of the restoration process: from audio capture to remastering and re-recording in an electronic format or on a CD.

Some functions are disabled, such as the audio export features.

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